Pouf - pear L, 230 liters.

Price: 1540 uah
Overall dimensions:

Height 1300 mm
Diameter 900 mm

The dimensions of the chair are approximate, because it does not have a constant shape, and is calculated based on the size of the patterns for this model.

Insanely comfortable and soft pouffe - pear. This combination of the best qualities of all models of frameless furniture - comfortable as a pillow, has a height of planting like a pear, sports like a ball. The armchair has a fairly low and deep landing, you can sit at different angles, you can sit evenly, and you can completely lie down. The back is very high and even a tall man can easily put his head on it.
We highly recommend this puff - it greatly increases the ease of seat and contributes to the emergence of a sense of weightlessness.
You can choose any color and any combination.

Filler: balloons of foam polystyrene 6-9 mm;
Volume 0.23 m3
Weight 3.2 kg