About us

MARBET Sp. z o.o is one of the big European companies, which started its activities in 1980 in a Polish town Belsko-Biala with a small factory that produced decorative materials. For tthe next 20 years the company actively developed and in 2000 the decision to start business in Ukraine was made. So this was the year MARBET Ltd, Ukraine was founded.

We were the first compaby on the Ukrainian market that started not only importing but also producing food from polystyrene according to European standards. We produce ceiling tiles and mouldings, which are made on a German and Italian equipment using raw material of the highest quality that allowed us to reach the leading postion on the market. The design of our goods was made by the Italian company. The factory itself is situated in Rogozov, a village 40 km from the center of Kyiv, and occupies the area of 1.8 hectares. Our products gained recognition throughout Ukraine very quickly, and this allowed us to create a vast distriutors chain as well as enrich Ukrainian language with new words with the meaning "mouldings". Up to this day for many people in Ukraine, ceiling tiles and MARBET are synonyms.

Nowadays we offer our clients big assortment of decorative goods of polystyrene made in Ukraine and Poland, namely: ceiling tiles CLASSIC and MODERN (overlapping and butting), ceiling mouldings (LUX, EXCLUSIVE), decorative rustic beams and planks, rosettes, decorative elements.

In 2003 we decided to expand the range of produced goods and were the first in Ukraine to sell insulation band and wallpaper THERMOSTOP, THERMOTAP, ISOTAP, which are used for interior work. MARBET insulation are easy to use, durable, eficient for poorly heated rooms, protect from moisture, can be used behind the heater to reflect the heat.

We use modern technologies (without the use of freon) which do not pollute environment and are safe for the workers, Marbet employs more than 80 people, all of them Ukrainian. Wastes which arise in the process of production are fully utilised for recycling.

In 2010 MARBET signed a conract with international chain IKEA to produce chairs of polystyrene. Due to the high quality of goods prouced the total quantity of chairs delivered to IKEA shops is now more than 120 000 and this number still grows, which is more than 6 000 pieces a month. for Ikea we produce not only highly popular SKRUVSTA chair but also several types of poufs. Unfortunately this model can be bought in Ukraine only as import that is why its price is a bit too high.

Successful experience of work with IKEA was transferred to the Ukrainian market which led to the creation of MARBINO collection - unique furniture of polystyrene that is not only very lightweight but also durable and modern. In finishing we use only the highest quality materials made in Poland, Italy and Turkey.

In future we plan to expand the range by adding poufs, sofas, coffee tables.