Price: 3415 uah
Overall dimensions:

Seat width 650 mm
Seat depth 550 mm
Height -1000 mm
Width - 950 mm.

PUF chair is a comfortable model of frameless furniture for work and rest. The armchair is firmly seamed around the frame, which makes it very stable and stable. 

The chair is filled with unusual for frameless furniture - by 90-100%, because of this it always looks the same, keeping the shape.

It combines status and comfort. Just what you need, if the owner - a solid, practical and inclined to non-standard solutions people. Such an armchair stands out favorably against the background of typical roller office chairs. It is light and mobile, which means it can become the constant companion of its owner at business meetings in the office. Even with a long sitting on this chair, the back feels great.

Armchair is suitable for:
• Office - Classic organically perfect balance with other furniture
• Older people - for them it is possible to get up comfortably (compared to seats with bags filled with 60-70%).
• For the living - if the usual seat-bag looks too informally.

Cover: The bottom is made of soft leather, the top is made of Malaga fabric.
Filler: polystyrene beads 3-5 mm;
Volume: 0,75 m3
Weight: 8 kg